It's taken a while to accept the term ENTERPRISE CONSULTANT, but it's true that much of what I do revolves around inspiring and supporting people in becoming productive and enterprising. Of course a lot is manifest through EVENTS such as training courses, book launches, theatre productions, trading events, fundraising initiatives, one-to-one consultations, interviews and the like.

Many people know me through the various social and charitable projects and events that I'm connected to in some way, whether as a board member or trustee, project manager, fundraising consultant or some other advisory or voluntary position. A great many people have attended one of my workshops or training courses (some of which are listed below) and have come to know me through that channel.

Then there are a few occasions when someone has recognised the name because they've actually bought (paid for) and read my book or recognised my face from some Youtube or other video. OK, I'm no J.K. Rowling or George Clooney, but it's a start.

Currently many more clients are taking up my offer of a relatively inexpensive 90 minute consultation. This might be on fundraising, publishing, starting up a company or charity, managing a project or an educational initiative. For many that's more than enough to get them on the right track, while others often sign up for one of the training courses. So don't hesitate to get in touch.


If previous clients are to be believed (and in this case they should be) I'm a very good trainer and teacher. I believe it's part natural empathy and part meticulous preparation and hard work, but I certainly enjoy it.

These are some of my most popular training courses that I've both developed and delivered in the last few years. You can call me on 07050 272280 if you wish to have a chat about any one of them or you can fill in the enquiry form.






I often recommend products and services that I use and like. In the case of Daylite CRM software for Mac users and Moneyworks accounting software. I've also managed to wrangle it so I get some commission if you buy them using my links. I also make good use of some free software such as Evernote and Dropbox so I'm putting a link to them also (unfortunately no monetary benefit for me).


To BUY Daylite Version 4:

To BUY Moneyworks (Version 6)

To DOWNLOAD Evernote:

To DOWNLOAD Dropbox:



I'm very vociferous in support of the use of gold and silver as currency or as an alternative investment (to banks especially).

To get you started you can buy this beautiful Ten Islamic Silver Dirham Coin (10 ISD). 30 grams of .999/fine silver made to the highest standards. A gift that always bring genuine gratitude and also one of the best investments available at this time.

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